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#BalanceForBetter – Women in Recruitment

This week is International Women’s Week, a week for women by women. The 2019 theme is #BalanceforBetter – the future is exciting, let’s build a gender- balanced world.

On Wednesday afternoon some of the Source Team headed down to an inspirational event arranged by Women in Recruitment and we were lucky enough to hear a panel of inspirational females from across the recruitment sector.

The engaging talk began with Julie Bowen, Senior HR Business Partner at Sthree, delivering an exceptional introduction, with key points highlighting that the main challenge within recruitment is Engagement in our industry and that trust is a great part of success.

The session then progressed onto an intimate interview with Janine Childlow, Sector Managing Director, Alexander Mann Solutions, facilitated by the energetic Natasha Clarke. Highlights from this interview, looked at the female negative voice and how to avoid it and push it to one side, for females in a work environment to support one another, to do the right thing, and to be brave and to trust who you are. Focusing on braveness and trust jumped out to us as key skills for success in our industry.

You support me, I’ll support you…

A final point in this interview was about the power of silence, and the strength created from a purposeful silence – connecting silence to resilience. A perfect combination for success and strength!

Moving into the panel discussion, we were met by 3 more inspirational females within the industry, from different backgrounds, with different stories. The first powerful question raised to the panel was focused on Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

Yvette Cleland – CEO Clinical Professionals – “Nobody told me I couldn’t break the glass ceiling – my mum told me I could do what I wanted to – always had privilege of working with male and female role models – self belief – need to have some kind of release”

Jenine Ward –  “Breaking the glass ceiling is about self belief and confidence – what do you do on a daily basis – constantly reviewing yourself- proposal – extra – confidence – take a job – learn as we go along – take the experience”

Hannah Donaldson, Founder & CEO, Meet Recruitment – “Drive to lead – challenge the imposter syndrome and talk to yourself and commit to yourself – making you authentic and believable.”

Janine Chidlow, Sector Managing Director, Alexnader Mann Solutions – “When on a low month – think about something that can empower us – bring us up – what can we champion.”

This lively panel discussion brought female successes in recruitment to life, and highlighted that we can make a change and make a triumph within the industry. Authenticity is key, and always be brave and make a statement.

What we took from the talk was that in any industry there is a space and opportunity for female success, in particular, recruitment is changing and evolving. The recruitment industry is becoming more open to the needs of the female worker, recruitment is more understanding and trustworthy of its employees and professionals. There is an overarching feel that implies gender is perhaps not a focus of equality and we are now making progress to dissolve gender identification within a workplace, and individuals achieve their goals and successes but their skill and expertise.

Leaving the auditorium with a buzz – we felt inspired, empowered, and engaged – and excited to take the next step forward in our recruitment journey at Source!

If you’re an experienced recruiter looking to excel in your career  in recruitment, in a supportive and adult working environment, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today – hr@agreatersource.com !

Happy International Women’s Day – time to celebrate inspirational females and successes.


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